Thursday, May 31, 2012


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A couple of brief announcements and then I’m away from the interwebs for a while again:
1) Ann Greenberg’s book, HOW TO KEEP YOUR CHILD OUT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION, is a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Book Award in the Pre-K-12 Education category ( Why is this important? Because I proofread it, that’s why! So, if you are an independent author looking for a proofreader, I am your woman!
‎2) And!!!!! The 11th anniversary issue of Aoife’s Kiss is officially out! It features a novelette, The Brink, by Natalie Lance, and short stories by Mary Turzillo, Kimberly Richardson, Tyree Campbell, Beth Hudson, Rachel V. Olivier (that would be me), Josh Roseman, James Fitzsimmons, and many others. Best of all, there’s an interview with Hugo Award Winner Jack McDevitt about his early writing years and how he found success. Come check us out!

When I get home, I’ll do a proper announcement with pics and such.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It Came From Her Purse! (purse...purse...purse...)

Sam's Dot Publishing actually came out with this anthology last year, but it took me a while to be able to get a copy. I just fell in love with the title and the cover. So, I finally picked up a copy and had a chance to read it recently and it was a lot of fun. 

The stories in this anthology are supposed to be "outre" tales, similar to something you might watch on Twilight Zone or Outer Limits back when they were in black and white. Because of the title and the cover, I was hoping for a packet of stories where a purse (or a handbag - as we all know that one purses one's lips, one carries a handbag) was a central part of the story. As it is, in most of the stories, the "purse" in question is simply a prop, used early in the story and then forgotten; but that's okay, for the most part. The tales are funny, witty, bizarre, action packed and definitely able to take you out of this world and into another. 

You can find the hard copy of the anthology here for $10:

Or, if you like using ereaders, you can find an ebook version on Smashwords here for $1.59: