Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Poem Out In Poetry Quarterly!

My poem, Hot House Plants, can be seen online now in the Fall Issue of Poetry Quarterly. To read it, click on the link and go to about p. 84/85 of the online publication:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Year in Review ...

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Year in Review...

Originally, I was going to post this around New Year's Day and label it my "Holiday Cocktail Mix Year in Review Blog," but it's well past the New Year now (unless we're talkin' Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit - but that's for another day) and over a month before Mardi Gras and I don't officially recognize Valentine's Day. I suppose I could call it the "MLK Year in Review " (for the holiday just past) or the "President's Day Year in Review" (for the holiday to come).... but those just aren't FUN.

So, you see my "Die-Lemma".

But in a sense that was what a lot of 2010 was about - being in between things, or having a mix of things, juggling the good with both the bad and the ugly. For the most part, it was good, and for your amusement I've listed the highlights of all three down below - mostly good, a little bad, and some real ugly...

• Poem published at Everyday Weirdness:

• "Love's Clothing" published in Aoife's Kiss: (scroll down to issue)
• Saw Neil Gaiman speak at UCLA.

• Interviewed for Road Trip Nation high school project. The girls got an A+ I'm told. (See pictures below of me in the hot June sun trying to be helpful to three beautiful, kind, smart high school girls who are on their way to becoming a writer, an actress and a veterinarian.)

• Signed a contract with Drollerie Press for publication in March 2011. Not sure if that is still on schedule as there are probably a round or two of edits to go before it comes out, but I'll let you know.
• Had another poem published in Everyday Weirdness: (which I haven't been paid for yet. Only $5 and I imagine they need it as much as I do, but hey, I could buy some Top Ramen with that $5 - things are still kinda tight around here.).
• Had another poem published on (they don't pay, except in making poets feel better for having their love poetry out there somewhere).

• Poem published on (see note above).

• Poem and an interview in Aoife's Kiss: (scroll down to issue).
• West Hollywood Book Fair: Miracle Mile Writers Club had a booth at the Weho book fair for the first time; moderated a YA Fantasy panel of authors at the Weho book fair (lotta work, volunteer, paid in karma points).
• A poem published online at Eternal Haunted Summer:

• Two poems published in Poetry Quarterly:

• Poem published in SciFaiKuest:

• Poem published online at Eternal Haunted Summer:
• And The UGLY: No fewer than three (count'em - 3) clients flaked out on me in December:
1) Client One pulled a bait and switch on me and had me proofread and copy edit his paper for his committee (and it obviously several papers thrown together and not one integral paper) instead of the college application essay he'd asked for. Did it anyway because he was having a hard time with it. He refused to pay me. I will be reporting him to all three credit bureaus soon.

2) Client Two had an emergency paper that went from being due in a week to due in a few days to due in a few hours. That changed the price considerably. I gave a little discount, got half up front, but he still owes me and if I don't hear from him soon I will be reporting him to all three credit bureaus soon.

3) And Client Three discussed at least two different novels he wanted me to proofread and copy edit for him. But he was hedgy on time and price. I told him to send one to me and I'd look it over and give him a quote or do something for him. He said to just go ahead. Well, the holidays happened and I ran out of time and notified him I'd be getting something to him a little later than I first heard back. His emails were returned - three times. I waited a couple of days and sent more emails and called. Emails went through this time but I never heard back. So, it's a good thing I only worked a little bit on that one cuz obviously I wouldn't have been paid for it.

Looking into the future some of my faith in humanity will obviously be tempered with distrust and I'll be making the appropriate changes to both my website and to how I handle orders from clients I don't know from now on.

On a more positive note, I'll be continuing to write for The Illuminata at Tyrannosaurus Press ( ) occasionally, reading slush for Bewildering Stories ( ), Vice President/Secretary at the Miracle Mile Writers Club, writing, proofreading and copy editing for a variety of regular clients whose business is very much appreciated (if you're a regular, you know who you are and thank you very much!), and writing for myself.

Which is what I need to get back to doing, now. I've been in a bit of a funk lately, and not working on several short stories I have in the works, so if you'll excuse me, I'll sign off for now....